Being You


Whenever I pick up a magazine that is supposed to be for teenage girls, these are the types of things that I see:
How To Make A Guy Notice You!

Makeup Tips That Will Definitely Catch His Eye

Things guys Love In a Girl

…and so on…

The main problem that I have with these is that they are all saying the same thing; change yourself to be acceptable, because right now you’re not even close. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for feeling good about yourself, but there’s a line that is often crossed. One side of that line is enhancing what you have, and the other side is hiding who you truly are. I don’t want to believe that the only way that I’ll find someone is if change who I am so that I’ll be acceptable. Because in reality, they wouldn’t be in love with me, they would be in love with who I was pretending to be. So I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear makeup at all, I’m saying that you should wear enough to cover what you want it to cover, but not too much so that you can still show who you really are. Because you aren’t like everyone else, and you should take advantage of that.

Thanks for listening.

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Trends These Days

Trends These Days

What goes through the minds of some fashion designers sometimes. I mean seriously. Just take a look at this dress and tell me honestly that you could confidently wear this out…in front of people. I’ll wait.
If you could pull that off then props to you sister, because I definitely could not. Some of the things that are considered cool nowadays seem completely crazy to me. There’s spikes, sparkles, beads, you name it and its probably been thrown on a piece of clothing. Now I’m not saying that flair can’t be cute but there comes a time when it gets to be a little too much. What’s your opinion of current fashion trends?

Breaking The Mold


Here’s the scenario; you’re in a clothing store leisurely browsing, when you see the most amazing shirt that you have ever seen in your entire life. That might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point. Anyway, you pick up the gorgeous shirt and you notice that they have it in your size and you take that as a message from the Lord himself saying that you are meant to have this shirt. You practically sprint to the changing room super pumped to try it on, but when you put it on you feel like a potato squeezed into a Chinese finger trap. And you feel absolutely awful. This has happened to me WAY too many times, and I feel worse and worse every single time. What I’ve learned is that if you were to get different shirts that were all the same size but from different stores, they’re not going to be the same. One may end up being smaller than the other or vice versa. I say all of that to say that if you end up walking out of a store feeling bad about yourself, it’s not your fault. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to fit into the extra small mold that society has provided, make your own. The world that we live in is definitely not one size fits all, everyone is different. We should not be punished by a piece of fabric for being unique. By this point you might be saying “It sounds like you’re telling me that I’m anything but normal.” I’m actually saying the exact opposite. Society’s normal is bland, characterless, colorless, and lifeless. But in my opinion a girl who is normal is herself, she doesn’t perfectly fit into the mold because she is different. She faces whatever problems she faces. You may be the type of girl that doesn’t have to deal with the problem that I’m talking about and that’s totally fine, that’s normal for you. Normal is different for everyone because no one is the same.